Friday, November 5, 2010

The Six Commandments of Team Building

Lately, I've come across some situations that made me think about how much people will do to build a business without regards to other business, individuals or their own values. I've thought about how much damage one person can do to a whole business not to mention themselves.

Trust is like the air we breathe. When it's present, nobody really notices. But when it's absent, everybody notices. - Warren Buffet

The early phase of your business will establish the values that will guide your company through growth to success. Compromising your principles can destroy what you are striving to build the first time you do it.

Honesty is the best policy.

The Six Commandments of Team Building 
  1. Don't discriminate - Remember the old adage "Never judge a book by it's cover". Get to know your prospect before you write them off. They could be your diamond in the rough.
  2. Accurately represent your business, position, and promotion possibilities. You owe the truth to your prospect. If your prospect chooses to join your team then finds out the truth later, they are then likely to leave the company and take their opinion of the way you do business with them.
  3. Accurately represent your pay structure. Never lie about how much you make and don't misguide your prospect into thinking they may make unattainable amounts of money in a specific period of time.
  4. Adhere to the policies and procedures of your company. Lead by example. If you are breaking the rules your team will, too. It will eventually bite you in the behind.
  5. Allow your prospect an appropriate amount of time to make a decision about your company. Let them do their research about your business and the position they are about to take. Pressure will turn people off quickly!
  6. Be truthful!
 It could be easy to ignore one of these guidelines to achieve the outcome you desire in the most favorable, easiest and quickest way possible...... DON'T!!!!!

You only get ONE chance to make a first impression. Make the opportunity the best and most honest portrayal of who you are.

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