Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yay! I did it! Cereal for under $1 box!

During the recent airing of Extreme Couponing, one of the girls was saying that she would never pay more than $1 for a box of cereal again. I just couldn't quite figure out how she did it until yesterday! I mean, I've gotten down to about $1.21 (still awesome savings) but not quite less than a buck. With this AWESOME sale at Kroger last week, I finally did it! With my careful planning, I went in knowing exactly what I wanted. I chose my 20 boxes and headed to check out. I was quite irritated when 6 boxes of Trix didn't ring up as the store sale price. Come to find out, I chose the wrong box! I should have gotten the LARGE size..... well, you think I had a problem with that??? Nope, not at all. The cashier couldn't believe my savings on cereal and I was so excited!
Never again will I pay more than $1 for a box of cereal! Ha!

20  boxes General Mills Cereal      @      2.49      =       $49.80
2    Daytona Instant (20 items)       @     -3.00      =      -6.00
3    e-coupons                               @     -2.10      =      -2.10
20 .50/1 box GM Coupons           @     -1.00      =      -20.00

Total    =      21.70

Received 2 Daytona Rewards Use Later @ $3/ea  =  +6.00

Makes it $15.70 or $.79/box!!!!

Savings: $34.10 or 68% 

Moral of the story: Utilize those high value coupons, wait for the sale (it will come) and STOCK UP! 

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