Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Much Dough Is In My Paper???

This weekend I thought I'd do a little experiment.
As an avid couponer, I knew there are LOTS of savings in each Sunday Paper.
But I wanted to know just how much I could save per paper!

I pulled out this week's SmartSource, RedPlum, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS and Kmart sales ads.
Quickly, I added up the savings from coupons, store register rewards and rebates! I excluded most BOGO coupons unless I was pretty familiar with the product.
Boy, was I shocked with the total!

Coupons - $82.25
Up Rewards - $93
Rebates - (I haven't even included)

Coupons - $99.21 (at least)
Register Rewards - $50
Rebates - $9.99

Extra Care Bucks - $106.50

Shop Your Way Coupon - $5
Kmart Coupon - $29.99

Restaurants - $15
Manufacturers Coupons - $44.20 (at least)

Coupons - $69.01 (at least)

That's over $600 savings!!!!!

Now this isn't to say you will buy every one of these products, but the potential savings is there!
How can you afford to NOT take a look at these savings.

Call me crazy, but there were three coupons in this week's paper I REALLY wanted. 

1) The Yokisoba Pasta has a $.50 coupon. In my local Kroger, it doubles to $1.00
I can usually get these for between $.10 and FREE.
This week, with coupon they were only $.05!!!!
2) Colgate has a $1 off any coupon
If I wait, Colgate will be on sale for $1 or less!
Therefore, my toothpaste is FREE!!!!
3) Right Guard has a BOGO coupon
They are on sale BOGO, so after tax, I pay $.12!!!!!

Of course there are many more sales than this, 
but these were the ones that IMMEDIATELY caught my eye!
I knew I HAD to have these deals
How many Sunday papers did I buy?????


Yep, thirty!!! My savings will far surpass my temporary investment! My family will have more in the stockpile
We can donate to the shelters!

And for those having trouble doing the math.... I spent $1.87/paper. That's over $18,000 savings potential for less than $60 investment! 


  1. How do you get the paper for $1.87?

  2. Our Sunday paper costs $1.75 plus tax.

  3. Wow! That's awesome! Mine's $3......I was wondering if it would be better to just buy the inserts. Thanks for your blog, its very helpful!

  4. I would absolutely check out http://www.wholecouponinserts.com
    Make sure you really check it out though. You miss the drug store inserts so no stacking. Also, you could be looking about $.60/insert. If you get two your looking at $1.20, plus shipping. Looks like that's around $2.00 for two inserts. So, it may be more beneficial just to buy the whole paper.
    Thanks for the sweet comment. I hope you will find at least some things useful! :)

  5. I've heard you can buy the paper at the dollar store, my mom got one in Detroit at the dollar store, yup, Sunday paper for $1. I have no idea how they can do that.

  6. I've heard that before. I wonder if the inserts are actually in these papers?