Monday, August 1, 2011

Cheapest School Supplies in Town

We’ve got the list of the best prices in town for your school shopping needs. We are in So. Central KY, so you may want to do a little price comparison in your area. Note the stores around you within a 50 mile radius and use our guide to find the cheapest price. Remember you can price match easily at Walmart and Office Depot at any register. You can also price match at Target at the service desk. Just tell your cashier to match the price from the other store. Take your flyers just in case.

Some store will not worry about limits. Walmart is one of these stores. Staples, OfficeMax and Office Depot have limited stock so they will probably enforce limits. Target in our area is limiting school supplies to 6 “like” items. 

Check your ads for 1¢ deals but understand stores will have limited stock! Get in early for the best deals. The following deals should carry through the week.

2-Pocket Folders Office Depot Limit 10
2-Pocket Folders w/ Prongs 11¢ Walgreens
2-Pocket Poly Folders 50¢ Staples
Backpacks $9.99 Walgreens – bogo (4.99)
Colored Pencils – 12pk 59¢ Walgreens
Composition Book 50¢ Kroger & Kmart
Composition Book 10¢ Staples w/$5 purchase limit 3
Loose Leaf Paper 59¢ Walgreens
Spiral Notebooks 15¢ Kroger
Crayons 24¢ Kmart
Eraser – 2pk 29¢ Walgreens w/ coupon
Eraser Caps – 15pk 29¢ Walgreens w/ coupon
Glue Sticks – Elmers 2pk 50¢ Kmart
Glue Sticks – Elmers 6pk $1 Target
Glue Sticks – Rose Art 3pk 59¢ Walgreens w/ coupon
Highlighters – Papermate 6pk 39¢ Walgreens
Sharpies 2pk 69¢ Walgreens w/ coupon
Markers – Crayola 10pk 99¢ Kmart fine or broad
Dry Erase Markers – 4 pk 99¢ Walgreens w/ coupon
Paper Clips – 100pk 25¢ Staples
Pencils – 10 pk 10¢ OfficeMax (Print flyer here) 48.42 miles from BG
Pencils – 72 pk $3 Office Depot
Pencils – Bic Mech. 10pk $1.50 Kmart
Pens – Bic Ballpoint 10pk 50¢ Kmart
Pens – Bic Cristal 10pk 79¢ Kroger
Pens – Basic Ballpoint 10pk 20¢ OfficeMax (Print flyer here)
Ruler – Plastic 25¢ Staples
Ruler – Stainless Steel $1 Office Depot
Scissors – 5″ 79¢ Walgreens Pointed or blunt
Scissors – 7″ 50¢ Staples
Vinyl Storage Pouch Office Depot Limit 5
5-tab dividers Avery 50¢ Staples
Compass $1 Staples
Protractor $1 Staples
6″ Protractor Office Depot Limit 3
Math set – 10pc (protractor, compass etc) $1.50 Kmart

Office Depot - FREE backpack and lunch tote with $15 purchase

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