Sunday, August 21, 2011

FREE ADVIL Giveaway!

We have a coupon code for a FREE bottle of Advil or Advil PM.
All you have to do is tell us why you need an Advil!
The best reason posted will will and the poster will be e-mailed the code!

Post your reason in the comments below!! :)

We'll choose a winner on Monday at 9:30pm central!


  1. Just moved my oldest to college... Need I say more. :)

  2. I need some because I just ran out and I have to wait 2 more weeks to get into the dentist for this horrible toothache :( Plus I got a cranky husband, 6 month old, 4 year old and a dog! Please pick me :)
    autumn eaton

  3. I use Advil for a lot of reasons! lol (1) is great for them! (2) Arthritis and inflammation! (3) Backaches!! (4) To counteract the effects of being I could go on and on lol...but I think the hubby one sums most of it up! :)

    Meghan Yohe
    meghan yohe @ att . net

  4. I am a 31 yr old with 4 Step-Children and a step-grandchild age 4, and have had 5 back surgeries. I just completed my 5th one on April 5th!, which was a fusion of my L4-S1. I use advil instead of major pain medication to help me get through my day. A little extra help would be awesome on my budget, and me!

  5. I need it because I have 2 Kids of my own ages 14, and 10.. and my nephew 10 just moved in with me. The 14 or course thinks he knows it all and I know nothing. The 10 yr old is the BIGGEST drama Queen EVER and her Whinning will give the neighbors a headache. The nephew Is so hyper That I have a hard time winding down after keeping up with him. So if you can tell the Advil PM would be the most benefical over here..:)

  6. I really need Advil for my sinus headaches. It really works for pain & any kind of ache. I have been using Advil for years. I am a senior citizen & live on a fixed income. A little extra help would be great!

  7. I need Advil because of my migraines and my cramps. I could use this because we have been experiencing a financial hardship for the past few months and this would be awesome to win so thanks so much for the opportunity!

  8. brittany doerfler-thompsonAugust 21, 2011 at 7:24 PM

    i need advil because i suffer from rhuematoid arthritis and i am only 33. i rarely have the extra cash to buy it and usually have to settle for the walmart brand. please pick me so that i can be free of pain and enjoy my time with my toddlers

  9. I need Advil because of my 16 yr old stepdaughter who is about to get her license, my 3 yr old who is hyperactive and my 2 yr old who is a drama queen

  10. Wow, there are some serious comments posted. I almost feel bad trying for this!
    I get migraines and have prescription meds but don't like taking them unless I absolutely have to since they knock me out! Rather take Advil if possible and "free" is always good. :)

  11. I'm 28 and taking care of my aging parents. My mom has stage four uterine cancer, my dad just had his left foot partially amputated and I work full time. Shoot me! LOL. I need more Advil!

    Thanks for posting this! :)

  12. was chosen to pick a winner as ALL these reasons are PERFECT & LEGITIMATE needs for Advil we just couldn't fairly pick a winner as the "best" reason. chose entry #5 and the winner has been notified by the e-mail give. Thank you all for your participation and we look forward to see you all on Poor House Princess here and on Facebook.