Thursday, August 11, 2011

Money Saving Tip of the Day - Sofa facelift

I LOVE my big chair and a half. It's perfect for pulling my feet up to read a good book and serves for extra seating when we have guestS. It's in great shape being that it's not a highly used piece of furniture but through time and kids it's gotten a little stained and the colors no longer match our living room pallet. We didn't want to part with it out but didn't want to spend the money to have it reupholstered either.

My solution? Toss on a slip cover! We found a beautiful slipcover at a yard sale that was still new in the package. It's a nice warm, neutral golden tone and so inviting. While I was able to score mine for only $10, you will most likely pay $35-$105 depending on what you are covering at Target. Compare that to upholstery work at $375-$575 labor PLUS the cost of fabric. A new chair, loveseat or sofa could run you anywhere from $500 for a simple chair to as much as $2,000 for a sofa at a midscale furniture store!!!! Total savings can be upwards of $1,900!

So, find your perfect slip cover, stretch it on, toss on a throw pillow or two ($10-$15) and admire your "new" piece of furniture!

Make sure to take the money you would have spent on new and put it in savings!

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