Friday, September 9, 2011

*As Seen On TV* Carbonite - Free Trial *No Credit Card Required*

Yes, that's the name of my laptop!
Why, you ask?
Three times now we have resurrected Lazarus from the dead
after viruses killed him!
Each time, I've lost priceless photos, files and LOTS of sleep!
So, I HIGHLY recommend this program!

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Your life is on your computer. With so much to lose, there's only one smart way to protect it. Carbonite online backup is the easy, automatic and secure way to safeguard your irreplaceable computer files. These days we all have things on our computers we just can't stand to lose: photos, music, financial documents and more. 

Carbonite works automatically and continually to make sure your computer files—and memories—are backed up offsite. 

Try Carbonite at no charge. No credit card required. 

Try Carbonite today • Unlimited online backup • Automatic and continuous • Encrypts files for privacy • Installs in minutes—PC or Mac • Trusted by over 1 million customers • Get your backed up files from any computer or smartphone • Only 59USD a year

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