Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hidden Coupons

Coupons are EVERYWHERE! Really, after you read this post, you are going to start seeing them all over the place because you will be more aware to be on the look out. This week, make sure to check your Parade insert from your local paper. There may be 5 coupons for pain solutions.
Want hot local restaurant coupons? Check your Visitor's Bureau. It's their job to promote local business! Check on counters at your small convenience stores, too.
Ask your stock clerks from distributors. Yep, that means checking with the Coke guy or Sunbeam man when you see them stocking at the grocery. Never hurts to ask right?
And don't forget your Yellow Pages. Many times tucked inside are local advertisement pages just for coupons! These could be from discounts at small boutiques to deep cuts on legal representation.
Recently, we've even had them attached to the plastic bags our newspaper can in. That was a FABULOUS surprise! It included 2 FREE bottles of Advil! How exciting!
The key is, always be aware. Make it a fun game for the whole family. Challenge your kids to a coupon hunt! Winner is king/queen for the day!

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