Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Money Saving Tip of the Day - Warranties, USE THEM!

Recently, I've awakened to water all over the counter. Of course, I blamed the kids.... then I had to eat crow. LOL!
My little indoor pond wasn't from my kids carelessness, it was from my beloved, yet leaky coffee maker! My first instinct was to blog about how crummy the maker was and to switch brands. Instead, I called the manufacturer, explained the problem. I was happy to find out the machine is still under warranty. I have a new one on the way FREE OF CHARGE!
So, before you trash your appliance, give the company a call. It doesn't hurt to ask if you can replace the machine or just a simple part for free or a small fee. In this case, I saved $150! Now that's a GREAT day!
Cheers.... (__)D~

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  1. I learned that too by accident. My Pottery Barn quilt split at the seams. I mentioned it on their facebook page and two weeks later I had a new replacement quilt FedEx-ed to me free of charge. They also sent me a new knit throw after I mentioned the pulls in the one I had bought from them a year earlier.