Friday, September 16, 2011

Money Savings Tip: Vinegar Use #1 Wall Paper

It's getting cooler and that means our home projects are going to start moving indoors. If you're like me, wallpaper has run it's course in any house of mine. Or perhaps it's just outdated or torn and you're ready for a new look. For those of you that are thinking of tackling that wall paper removal project, try this!

Mix equal parts of plain 'ol distilled white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Scour the wall and spray. Let sit to soak for a few minutes then start scraping! It should peel right off.

Compare a gallon of Heinz Vinegar at Walmart @ about $2.56 a gallon to premixed Piranha 32 Oz. Wallpaper Remover Spray at Lowes @ $6.98 and you can see the savings already on your first bottle! It would take 4 bottles of Piranha to get the same amount from your one gallon of vinegar saving you roughly $25!

If you're looking for a prettier smell than vinegar, mix warm water and liquid Downy Fabric softener! A little more expensive than vinegar, but still cheaper than store strippers. Thanks Dacia C. :)

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