Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Princess Party on a Peasant's Budget! And Get Monkeys For Bananas

One Stop Birthday Party Shop - SimplyBirthdayStuff

Looking for the perfect Personalized party for your Princess or Little Monkey?

Check out this one stop shop for all things Birthday! has all your party needs from the banner to the flatwear!

You can even download the FREE printable Birthday party checklist to make sure everything is PERFECT and you don't miss one detail! Don't monkey around, head over there now!

Stress-free party packs available with all the essentials. 100 solid balloons for less than $10! And don't forget your super-shaped mylars for less than $6!
Your little one will adore their personalized banner and plates!

For an added bonus save 10% on your total order!

Coupon Code: smiles4u Expires Sept 30th!


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