Saturday, January 28, 2012

Email Account Help - Strategies to Keep it Clean & Manageable!

Those of us who browse the internet looking for deals, coupons, freebies and the like are often asked to provide an email account in order to take advantage of special savings, etc.  This can result in a multitude of emails coming to your inbox.

How do you deal with all of it?

Our first recommendation is to take an existing email, or create a new email account specifically for these types of emails.  In other words, have a personal email and an additional email for your online accounts that deliver coupon updates, daily deals, manufacturer promos, etc. 

Tips on Managing Your Email

Delete any items that you recognize as spam.
Respond to emails that are urgent or can be dealt with quickly.
As you preview/read your emails, take one of the following actions:
a. Delete it.
b. Reply/forward it. Then delete it.
c. Reply/forward it. Then move it to the appropriate folder.
c. Read it & move it to the appropriate folder without replying.
d. Leave it in your inbox until you act on it. If it’s time-sensitive, flag it with a due date.

Many of us have multiple email accounts, 4, 5 or even more.  The best tip is to stay on top of them.  Prioritize them.  You may need to even adjust what is coming to which account.  This will take time, but the payoff is worth organizing the accounts.  

Finally, if you subscribe to various online websites to take advantage of special deals or freebies that require you to register or subscribe to future emails, make it a point to 'unsubscribe' to those vendors occasionally to aid in the number of emails you are receiving.  This will eliminate constant deleting of unwanted mail and make your account more manageable.  Have an 'unsubscribe' day once a week, bi-weekly or monthly; whatever fits your schedule.

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