Thursday, February 2, 2012 30-Min Flash Sales. FREE SHIPPING, 90%+ Off!!!

If you haven't visited yet, you need to check it out!

This daily deal site offers fabulous buys for up to 99% off on some major name brands including Kitchen-Aid, Fuji, Shark, and tons more! All the things you want to own but hate to spend retail on!

(And it's fast too... my orders never lag)

Like FREE STUFF? They have that randomly too! :)

They also offer a daily flash sale of many similar products at 40%-95% off - maybe all watches (dozens of them) or shoes, or hair accessories. I've seen LOTS of different products.

Today though, they started the mini-flash sale. These 30-minute offers only last... well, 30-minutes! So if you miss it, it's gone! Head on over there now... You never know what will pop up next!

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