Friday, February 17, 2012

Score Hotel Rooms CHEAP With Lowest Price Guarantees

For most of us, the hotel is the most expensive part of our vacations and overnight stays. Here's one helpful tip that can save you big on your next stay. Check out the hotels listed below websites and their rates for your desired stay. Then head to the various hotel booking sites out there. If you find the hotel on another site at a lower rate, they guarantee you will be rewarded a price match plus an extra bonus. 

A few stipulations: make sure you price compare before or with 24 hours of making your reservation. You must fill out the claim form on the website within 24 hours of making your reservation. The room must match the date, location, size, number of people, etc EXACTLY or your refund and gift will be a no go. Saving an extra 25% or a free night's stay is well worth a few minutes research.


Lowest Rate Guarantees

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