Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hey Cinderella: Dryer Sheets For A Penny A Load (or less)!

Our family is constantly doing laundry. With 6 of us and dog we easily hit 7-10 loads weekly.

Here's an easy-peasy tip on maximizing your savings on dryer sheets!

Wait until your dryer sheets are at their rock bottom price!
(I NEVER spend more than $2 on an 80-ct box)

As you pull a new sheet cut it in half costing you just 1¼¢

I, however, cut mine in fourths costing our family less than ¢!!

The scent is still perfect and there's no static cling!

Try ¼s first and if you don't like the results, stick with ½s.

Either way, you are at least doubling your savings!

How much did we actually save?

Snuggle original price: $4.59/80 sheets
Snuggle on sale: $2.99/80 sheets 
Double $.50 coupon: $1.99/80 sheets
Total Shopping savings = $2.60
Total Savings when Sheets are cut in half = $5.20
Total Savings when cut in fourths = $10.40 per box!!!!!!

At the low-ball 7 loads of laundry a week, we need about 364 sheets a year. With cutting our sheets in quarters we need less than 1¼ box a year! Savings us almost $19 a year! At the high-end (10 loads a week) we need 520 sheets a year. Using only about 1 box saves us nearly $27 a year! That's the equivalent of a water bill in our house!

Stock up when you can get your sheets at the rock bottom price and save even more!  


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