Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Money Saving Tip of the Day: Money Back Guarantee

Very often I can get name brand much cheaper than store with the right sale and coupon; but what about the times that we need something right now and we don't have time to wait?

Usually I'm not scared of store brand products, but there are somethings that I've always used because my mother did and I'm still a little afraid of change. The day I moved and shopped for Windex ended my love affair with the high priced toothpaste splatter remover, the price was outrageous and although I had my coupon, it wouldn't even allow me to come close to the store brand price.

So, I decided to take advantage of the Money Back Guarantee on the store glass cleaner. The great thing about this is the cleaner worked great! But what if it didn't??

The big thing you want to do is 

Get a manilla file folder and put ALL receipts that have products you may want to return to the store and file them! That way if there is a disclaimer that this product will last 5 years and it only makes it through one summer.... you can take it back! But you NEED THE RECEIPT!

Over the years, I've taken back lots of things including bug sprays, cleaning products and even FOOD! 

So, what's the most harm that's going to happen by trying a store brand? You don't like something? You can always return it (if the label says you can) and you may even find you enjoy the cheaper store brand as well or even better than your favorite!

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