Monday, October 22, 2012

Cutting The Cord... To The Cable Box

Making the choice to do away with cable or satellite can be an amazing experience! Let's look at this option.

Did you know the average cable bill in 2011 was $78!?!?! By disconnecting your cable not only will you be lightening your monthly bills from anywhere between $20-$120 month, but you will also be free-ing up your time. 

If you not willing to go completely without TV, replace your expanded choices with a digital TV conversion box (costing around $35) allowing you FREE local television channels. Or at least consider viewing you package options. Also look for other places to replace cable. Borrow free DVDs from the local library (ours allows up to 10 at a time per person - that's a lot of screen time). Look for other activities that you can do. We enjoy playing card and board games. How about settling in for a good book?

I guess the point is, we are typically spending more than we should on home entertainment. Explore different opportunities on ways to spend your money and time with your family and by yourself!

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