Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Facebook Frustrations

Facebook is wanting websites with pages such as ours to pay for advertising to receive more views. Literally less than 10% of all our friends will see our posts unless there is interaction. We do not charge for our public services and don't feel as though it makes economical sense to our families to do this. If you want to stay current with our Facebook page you must create an Interest List.
You do this by using the drop down "settings" button on the Poor House Princess page (look up to the right, it looks like a little gear), click on interest list, then choose your page list at the top left, after clicking on all of the pages you actually want to see the feed of click finish, choose private, name your list, finish. This list will show up on your home page at the bottom left. Please share this with others and don't forget to add Poor House Princess to your interest list. Also, the more you interact with our page through "likes" and comments, the more it will show up in your feed! ♥

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