Friday, October 12, 2012

Saving Doesn't Mean Deprivation

Some think that when you start focusing on saving in the home all the fun, exciting and desirable things in our lives must vanish!

And this just simply is not the case!

Getting a hold on our finances is actually a very freeing practice that will allow you to have the things you desire plus some! Some things you will be able to have immediately by seeing where you are wasting your money to keep you from getting what you want. Other things may take a little longer as you prioritize your list of wants. Then there are the things that you may realize you never really had as much of longing to have as you once thought. The fact of the matter is when we prioritize our needs and wants to make sure the important stuff is taken care of first, then sift through what we can live without but still would like to have, we get a game a plan in place to acquire all of what our hearts desire!

So realize that maybe you are giving up an expensive car NOW to pay CASH for another only to save to pay for your expensive car outright. And perhaps you will give up those cookies to switch to a store brand only to have that extra money to put towards the tickets you would like to have. Or perhaps the name brand on that white button down won't be so important than the $20 you save on a nearly identical shirt at a box store. Don't view these as deprivation.

What are your goals? Cars? Education? Retirement? Travel? Don't defend your desires. You have the right to make your goals whatever you would like them to be! The important thing about saving and getting your finances in place is to look at the goals and getting a game plan to reach those achievements. Focus on end result and take a positive outlook on the little sacrifices.

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