Friday, July 12, 2013

Reading, Writing, Rithmatics.... School Supply Price Match Week Ending 7/7 - 7/13

7/12/13 THIS LIST WILL BE UPDATED REGULARLY. It does NOT include Target's "everyday low prices" as of today, only sales ad prices. This is NOT the best week to shop for supplies unless you are taking advantage of the penny deals at Staples.
We’ve got the list of the best prices in town for your school shopping needs. Use the "Print this page" tool to take the list with you while you shop! This is a general list from most popular stores most likely in your area, so you may want to do a little ad price comparison with local stores including your grocers you may not see. Note the stores around you within a 50 mile radius from where you live and use our guide to find the cheapest price. Remember you can price match easily at Wal-mart and Office Depot at any register. Our Office Depot will allow you to price match any ad (online or print) as long as it's a box store. They will not price match Wholesale clubs or sites such as Amazon. You can also price match at Target at the service desk. Staples price matches with limits, as well. Just tell your cashier to match the price from the other store. Take your flyers just in case.

On the local level, we've been informed that Walmart does not intend to drop prices anymore than they already are. This may or may not hold true, but our sources are typically VERY reliable.

Some store will not worry about limits. Walmart is typically one of these stores (but depending on where you shop, they may). Staples, OfficeMax and Office Depot have limited stock so they will probably enforce limits.

Check your ads for 1¢ deals but understand stores will have limited stock! Get in early for the best deals. The following deals should carry through the week.

Crayons - Crayola 24pk 50¢ Walmart
Crayons - CraZArt 24pk 25¢ Walmart 
Markers - CraZart 10 Ct. 50¢ Walmart 
Markers - Crayola 10 Ct. 97¢ Walmart 
Colored Pencils- Crayola 12 pk 97¢ Walmart 
Colored Pencils- CraZArt 12 pk 50¢ Walmart 
Pencils - 24 pk Yellow 97¢ Walmart 
Pencils – 24 pk Mechanical $2.77 Walmart
Scissors – 5″ $1.47 Walmart Staples 2pk $1
Dry Erase Markers - 4pk $2.50 Walmart
Sharpies - Kmart 2pk $1
Sharpies - 12pk $6 Staples
Highlighters -  2pk 57¢ Walmart
Highlighters - 4pk $1.74 Walmart
Pens – Bic Crystal 10pk 89¢ Kroger- 97¢ Walmart - Staples 8pk 1¢ with a $5 minimum purchase (limit 2)
Pens - Basic Stick Pen 10pk - 97¢ Walmart
Pens - Basic Stick Pen 4pk - 25¢ Walmart
2-Pocket Folders 15¢ Walmart
2-Pocket Folders w/ Prongs 15¢ Walmart
Binder 1" 3-ring - Vinyl 92¢ Walmart - Clearview $1.94 
Spiral Notebooks - 17¢ Walmart 
Composition Book - Marble 50¢ Walmart

Loose Leaf Paper (150 sheets)- 82¢ Walmart
Eraser - 2pk 50¢  Walmart 
Eraser - 1pk 25¢ Walmart
Erasers (Pencil Tops) - 25pk  97¢ Walmart - Staples 1¢ with a $5 minimum purchase (limit 2) Kroger 15ct 50¢
Ruler - Wood 25¢ Walmart
Ruler - Plastic 47¢ Walmart
Protractor - no price yet
Compass - no price yet
Tape - Staples 3pk $2
Tape - Generic 2pk $1 Walmart
Pencil Box - 57¢ Walmart
Pencil Pouch - 47¢ Walmart
Glue Sticks - ea. 25¢ Walmart
Glue Sticks - 2pk 50¢ Walmart
Glue Sticks - 4pk $1 Staples
Glue Bottle - Elmers 50¢ Walmart
Lunchbag - no price yet
Back Pack - $10 Kmart
Post-its - Single $1 Walmart
Paper Towels - no price yet
Kleenex - Store Brand -no price yet
Lysol Wipes 3pk - no price yet
Hand Sanitizer - 3oz 98¢ Walmart 
Flash Drive - $4.97 8gb - Walmart
Flash Drive - Staples PNY $9
Pencil Sharpener - 97¢ Walmart
Index Cards (100 ct) - 48¢ Walmart - Staples 1¢ with $5 minimum purchase (limit 2)
Stapler small - no price yet
Construction Paper - no price yet
Calculator basic - $1 Walmart
Combo locks (Masterlock)- no price yet
Copy Paper - Kmart $3 - Staples 1¢ after Reward ($6.99)
Legal Pad - no price yet
Tab Dividers 5pk -  Staples 25¢ limit 2
Clip Board -  no price yet
White Out - no price yet
Planner 8x5" - $4.47 Walmart

For quick, easy, one-stop shopping. Click this "Print This Page" Link and take to your nearest price-matching store.

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