Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back from the War

As you can see, I haven't written in a while! Like most people, November and December's holiday season gets extremely busy for our family. School is in full swing, activities at church pick up, family visits and, of course, we have to work in that shopping!
2010, however, was a very rough year for our family. We moved, TWICE! We had life threatening illnesses in our family. My husband was able to get a company transfer out of state so that we could move closer to family that needed us for medical reasons. And with that transfer came a pay decrease. Tough times but we got through the year!
When Christmas times rolled around the stress level went up. Having four kids can get pretty expensive especially during this time of year. Now, our children are NOT spoiled by any means. We do not buy often for them. We don't have name brand clothes, they don't receive an allowance. As I stated before, money has been extremely tight!
So, my husband decided to schedule more work with his second job. 1st it was Saturdays and Sundays, then he began schedule week nights. The week before Christmas he worked over 80 hours!!!!! It was tough! Not just because I was more or less a single parent that whole week. And not just because I missed him so much! But here was the man I love working tirelessly for our family! It heart my heart that he had to work so much. No rest, 2 1/2 hours on the road back and forth to job #1 and another 1-2 hours on the days he worked his part-time job! If you could have seen the look on his face (on the nights he got home before midnight) it would have worn you down, too. At that point, I resolved that 2011 would be completely different!
So, hang out with me! Follow us as I bring my hubby back home from the war! The war of life - the daily battle to just survive! We're no longer going to be trying to survive! We are going to conquer! We're going to take over our lives and flip them on their rears! And along the way, we are going to help other families do the same!
So, my 1st goal is to reach Regional Sales Director by January 30th! I will help at least 3 families to start their own business and help them to reach the same goal by at February 28th! That will put us at Senior Regional Sales Director. In fact, we have a goal of helping at least 3 families each month. Of course, we hope it's more! We also will be helping families along that way that don't have any health insurance acquire an affordable discount program that will allow them to get medical care at a price they can manage with their budget! We're very excited for the opportunity to give back to other families! My personal goal is to replace my husband's salary by July 31st, 2011!
Thank you for visiting and check back to see our progress! God bless!


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