Monday, February 7, 2011

Game Plan!

Scientists say that it takes about 3 weeks of consistent behavior to form a habit. When I heard about the FlyLady twice in as many days, I decided to check it out! When I started to browse her site, I realized this lady makes PERFECT sense. 30 days to getting organized starts with shining your kitchen sink before going to bed. Day 2 - Get dressed down to your shoes! Meaning, get out of bed, clean up (hair and makeup) and get dressed! This includes PUTTING ON YOUR SHOES! At the end of the day, shine your sink! Day 3 is a new task, along with getting dressed and shining your sink! Then Day 4 and so on! The key idea, make these daily tasks habit!

Tomorrow, I start FlyLady's steps to getting organized! I've been trying to be good and follow the "Baby Steps" but truthfully, I peeked through a few days! I WILL take these steps in order! So, tonight, I will clean my sink before bed. It will be all shiny before I turn in! Stay tuned to see how my journey goes! :)

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